Sometimes Winter in Georgia Isn't So Gross...

Remember a few weeks ago when in this post I talked about how completely crazy winter is in Georgia? Well, this year has definitely been no exception. We've actually had a pretty mild winter so far and I've caught myself saying on many occasions how totally weird it is that I've only had to bust out the heavy winter coat [heavy by southern standards, anyways] a handful of times. Granted, I don't leave the house every single day, but that's beside the point. Last Monday was Groundhog Day and even though the big guy, Phil, predicted six more weeks of winter across the nation, Georgia's own weatherhog, Beau [yes, as in General Beauregard Lee], emerged with the news that here in the South, Spring would be coming much sooner. And, as if right on cue, the last several days around here have been unbelievably beautiful. 

Yesterday afternoon, after the rain let up and the sun came out, I decided to talk a walk around the property with the dogs, and as usual, a few cats in tow. I'm glad we don't have a lot of neighbors, as I pretty much always resemble Dr. Doolittle or Ace Ventura with a minimum of four animals on my heels everywhere I go... 

Me, in a nutshell, or rather, represented by a GIF

It occurred to me recently that I hadn't picked up my "real" camera in several months, so I decided to leave the iPhone behind [well, in my pocket because woods are scary] and see what I could capture on my walk. I'm no photographer and I think my little DSLR is having some focusing issues, but I thought a few images were decent enough to share. Hope you enjoy!

Spring seems to be right around the corner, but of course it wouldn't be Georgia if it didn't snow in March! I've already heard some talk about some "polar" weather coming our way next week... yay. 

xo, Steve