Life Lately

Hello, hello! I hope the start of your summer has been wonderful. Personally, mine has been nothing short of a never-ending roller coaster ride, hence my lack of participation around the internets the last few weeks... er, months. I think the ups and downs are finally leveling out a bit, or at the very least taking a turn for the better [I hope!], so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things around here again. First, a little glimpse at what I've been up to. Lately, I've been...

...feeling stressed out. Let's just get this mess out of the way first. So. We sold our house! The house B and I bought just before our wedding in 2008 has been on the market since the end of November and as of a few weeks ago, we finally have a buyer and are due to close next week— Oddly enough, almost 7 years to the day from our original purchase date. I tried to write about this when everything first went down in May, but I was so emotional [for lack of a better word] over the whole situation, it just turned into a very long, overly detailed, rambling mess of a post that even I didn't want to read. Needless to say, our experience through this whole process has been pretty unpleasant. Thankfully, it's almost over and I am SO looking forward to just moving on.

...hunting for an RV! When the whole house-selling thing took a nosedive, I decided to make it my mission to convince B that instead of buying another house, we should TOTALLY BUY AN RV AND TRAVEL THE COUNTRY!!! <---my text to him looked identical to that, by the way. Unfortunately, I was not successful. We did, however, agree that while right now is not a great time to take off in an RV full-time, it would be fun to have one available to the family for short excursions. So, I've enlisted some help from my mom [who is probably most excited about this] and we're officially on the hunt for a used, but in decent shape, affordable motorhome. I'm hoping we find one sometime before the fall because I am dying to see the leaves change from Cloudland Canyon State Park!

...watching way too much TV. I don't know why, but sometime over the last year or so, I really started to get into TV series. I think it all began when B brought home the first three seasons of Game of Thrones early last year and we got so hooked that once season four was over, we were on a desperate search for a replacement... and found MANY. As much as I loved the shows we watched in the fall, winter, and early spring, I've been especially excited about the return of a few late spring/early summer series— Game of Thrones [of course], Orphan Black, Halt and Catch Fire, and my biggest obsession: creepy, twisted, gory yet hauntingly beautiful Hannibal [obsessed miiiight be an understatement, lol]. After spending a little time [admitedly, a little too much time] on Amazon catching up on these new-to-me shows the last couple months, I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new once-a-week viewing schedule... I count down to each Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday like most people count down to Friday.

...reading all the books. I promise I haven't been spending ALL my time on the couch watching TV. After piling up a few unread books I have in my possession, I decided to just dig in and challenge myself to read all of them all as soon as possible. So far I've finished Inferno, Me Talk Pretty One Day, The Glass Castle, and Brain on Fire, with Still Alice, Middlesex, Beautiful Ruins, and The Cuckoo's Calling to go... Keeping them stacked up in my bedroom where I see them every day definitely pushes me to read more then when they're shelved among the others in the spare room.  

...listening to Of Monsters and Men on repeat. Their new album, Beneath the Skin, came out last week and I have not stopped playing it since. I always get nervous when my favorite bands release follow-up albums, but I am so happy to say that Beneath the Skin is just as, if not more, amazing than their debut album, My Head is an Animal

...planning our trip to the beach! Just before we received the buyer's offer on our house, B and I made a pact to finally take a week-long trip to the beach sometime before the end of this summer. We haven't taken a proper vacation, just the two of us, for longer than a weekend since our honeymoon in 2008. Every winter we say we're going to go to the beach, but always end up tagging along and spending our time off work on family vacations. As much as we enjoy time with our families, we decided that after a year of living in my mom's basement and all the stress of selling our house, we were definitely due for a little one-on-one R&R. So, in Septemeber we'll be heading down to Seagrove Beach, FL for full week of sun, sand, seafood, and maybe a few adult beverages. Ha! Who am I kidding? I've already got my BubbaKeg and my margarita mix packed and ready to go!

...eating better. Or, at least, I'm trying to. I admit that I haven't been taking very great care of myself the last year or so with everything that's gone on, but I'm determined to get back on track. I've found in the past that I really feel my best when I consistently stick to a 70/30 rule with food- 70% whole, mostly plant-based, unprocessed foods and 30% whatever I want. I'm also trying to be more conscious about drinking more water and limiting soda and alcohol to weekends only. 

...purging my closet. My husband has always made fun of the ridiculous amount of clothing I own. While I'd say I donate items pretty regularly, I also tend to hang on to old clothes because I might want to wear them again someday. Lately, I've realized that I tend to wear the same few items over and over and rarely even venture into my closet anymore because, even though it's hyper-organized, it's become so overwhelming to look at so much stuff. So a few weeks ago I started a MAJOR purge of all the items I no longer wear, have a use for, don't fit, or that I just don't like. I think about 1/3 of my clothes survived the cut and it's actually refreshing to walk into the closet and open dresser drawers now. Unfortunately, now our spare room is practically unusable thanks to the multiple mountains of donations that need to be dropped off. 

...neglecting hobbies. I've been so distracted with everything going on with our house I haven't been able to focus on too much else- There are a crazy number of posts in my Drafts folder that I started and never finished the last few weeks and I'm pretty sure there's a nice layer of dust that has collected on my cameras that are still sitting randomly where I left them a month ago [hence, the low-res, recycled Instagram photos in this post. Oops.] Hopefully, after Monday's closing and a quick trip to my hometown in Florida to visit family next weekend, things will get back to normal and I'll have something a little more interesting to report on. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Steve