Upcoming | Oahu, Hawaii

As I announced in my last post, in just a few short weeks (eek!), we will be on our way to the beautiful island of Oahu! Hawaii has always been at the top of our "Someday..." dream travel list, but we didn't realistically think we'd get there until much later down the road. And then, our youngest nephew started high school this fall and, along with the rest of the marching band, was invited to perform in a holiday parade IN HAWAII. And when the opportunity came along to turn his good fortune into a dream family vacation, IN HAWAII, we didn't hesitate to join in. So this year, instead of turkey and stuffing and football on Thanksgiving, we'll be eating ham and pineapple and dancing the hula! 

North Shore sunset, Oahu 2001

We're leaving for the island a few days following our 8th wedding anniversary, which makes this trip feel just a bit more special. We'll be joined by the rest of the fam the week after and even though we are super excited for all the fun family activities, it'll also be really nice to have some time on our own to celebrate. I've actually been to Oahu (and Maui) before— my family vacationed there the summer after I graduated high school— but this will be B's biggest trip yet. And for a guy who isn't a big fan of air travel? Well, getting there and back should be interesting! I've assured him the flight will pass quickly, and that once we arrive in Honolulu, he'll quickly see that it was 100% worth the 9+ mildly uncomfortable hours in the air. 

When I visited before, there were five os us traveling together— me, my mom, my sister, and grandparents— and since we were splitting our time between two islands, we took the more "touristy" route to see as many of the sights as possible. While I definitely don't want B to miss out on any must-see points of interest, I'm looking forward to staying put in one location for our entire 13-day stay so we can take our time and explore the lesser-known areas as well. We're especially excited to hit up a few of the many scenic hiking trails Oahu has to offer. 

Here's the part where I ask for your help! If you've recently been to or live in Oahu, I'd love to hear your suggestions! Do's and don'ts, must see's and must-eat's that might not be in my Lonely Planet guide, tips for hiking the island, transportation (we're not renting a car every day since we can get just about anywhere on TheBus), or how to help a grown man quickly conquer his fear of flying without drinking alltheliquor at 7AM? And if you have any insight on great activities and tips for handicap-accessible visitors, I would be extremely grateful for those, as my father-in-law will be joining us on this trip— how awesome is that?!

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom kindly sent my way! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

xo, Steve