Rear View | January

Since I'm always SUPER on top of this blogging in a timely manner thing, I thought I'd try a little recurring end of the month post where I talk about all the things that went on over the last couple weeks that I may or may not have blogged about. It took me a solid 5 minutes to come up with a running title for these little recap posts, but in the end decided to go with "rear view" because, well... butts. I'm not gonna lie— It reminds me of butts and that makes me chuckle because I have the maturity of a 12 year old. BUT ALSO, because symbolism and something or other about looking back and reminiscing while driving off into the sunset towards the month ahead. Or something like that. I think you know what I'm getting at here... So! January!

Boring, I know, but just in case you missed me actually posting around here and want to catch up ;)

AKA: The stuff that happened that I didn't blog about. Yet.

So, y'all know we live in Georgia and my husband is a bit of a country boy. EVERY YEAR, when the advertisements for Monster Truck Jam start on TV, B starts his campaign for tickets. I usually respond with the nice version of "OH HELL NO" which sounds a bit more like, "If you and your redneck friends want to go, I am totally OKAY with that, have fun!" but for some reason, he is always hellbent on the two of us going, swearing I will end up loving it [sorry honey, but no]. This year, the commercials started up right before Christmas and after an entire bottle of wine to myself on Christmas Eve, I decided it would make a great last minute gift for him and I would just take one for the team and go along [thanks a lot, Tipsy Me]. Fast forward two weeks later and as we entered the home stretch to the Georgia Dome, Atlanta pulled out all the stops to remind us why we generally avoid events in the ATL like the plague... YOU GUYS. We sat in traffic at a dead stop, a mere 2 blocks from the stadium for OVER TWO HOURS. Let me put it this way— From the time we left our house [an hour away], ate dinner, and finally made it to our seats halfway through the show? WE COULD'VE DRIVEN TO THE BEACH. IN FLORIDA!! Moral of the story, if you enjoy spending a bunch of money to sit in the biggest traffic jam on the planet, by all means, please come to Atlanta. #neveragain

Thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, we actually had a decent little dusting of snow a few weekends ago. It wasn't as much as we've had in the past, but like true Southerners, we all freaked the 'eff out anyways and made a huge deal about it.

What a lovely Fall you're having, Florida... in January. You weirdo.

My mom had a work event back home in Florida and since they were putting everyone up at a resort at the beach for two days, I decided I'd tag along. Of course, it rained most of the time we were there, but I got to spend some quality time with my grandparents, have lunch with my sister [where I was totally distracted by that tree outside Mellow Mushroom], and then lunch and a much-needed catch-up sesh with my "Other Mother" [Other Steve's mom], so it was well worth the trip. Last week also happened to be the 10-year anniversary of my move to Georgia [hooooooow?], and even though I've been back many times to visit family over the years, it was fun to poke around the beaches of the ol' hometown and do some nostalgic reminiscing.

While out riding around one day [as we do on the regular, hoping to stumble upon the perfect piece of land to buy], my husband suddenly says, "OH! I know where we are... This is where Chris and I went down river" [as he does on the regular, because as I said, he's a bit of a country boy and "going down river" is something he likes to do for fun]. Next thing I know, we're turning onto a barely there dirt road straight through an open cow pasture. Of course, I start freaking out because I kinda have this thing with cows [as in, I LOOOOOVE THEM] and here is my husband, who has had knowledge of this drive-thru cow pasture where there's a whole herd just out roaming around freely, chewin' grass, lookin' all cute and stuff, just INCHES from your vehicle, and he never said a word about it! AND THEN I find out, the little dirt road ends at the riverbank where you can not only park and canoe and fish but also, YOU CAN CAMP. Yep. Just pop up a tent, get the campfire goin', and sing Kumbaya with the cows. Of course, this was the one day I left my camera at home, and it was getting dark so the pics I took with my phone weren't great, but I'm going to try and get back out there as soon as I can because I need a little bovine photography in my life. I mean, look at that sweet face! 😍  

I am the living version of THIS, in case I never mentioned it.

    Made in Heights I discovered this duo through Indie Shuffle and now I CAN'T. STOP. LISTENING. 
    Massive Attack and Portishead We recently started watching Luther and when I heard the opening credit song by Massive Attack I did a "WHOA. Haven't heard THAT in a while..." and THEN I read somewhere that Portishead, a high school fave, was covering an ABBA tune for an upcoming movie and did another "WHOA. Haven't listened to THEM in a while..." and now they're both in regular rotation again and it's weird and wonderful. 
    Also on repeat this month— CHVRCHES, JamieXX, Phantogram, POLIÇA, Ruelle, and Sylvan Esso.
    As mentioned, we finally started this series recently and yowza, it's good. British/European crime dramas are always a bit more intense and dark in my opinion, and it makes for very captivating television. Idris Elba is absolutely phenomenal as DCI John Luther and I have been blown away by his performance in every episode so far. It reminds me a bit of Wallander meets Sherlock meets Criminal Minds, maybe? Oh man, I'd love to see Andrew Scott's Jim Moriarty and Ruth Wilson's Alice Morgan go head to head. Which is kinda scary now that I think of it because that's basically like saying, "I'd like to watch the world burn... For ENTERTAINMENT!"
    I talked about this a bit in my Christmas in the City post, but there is just something about January that makes me go into super crazy lady nonstop nesting mode. From the closets and storage rooms, to the drawers [soooo many drawer organizers!] and cabinets and bookshelves. Not even my recipe box was safe from my new year hyper-organizing spree... which is now a binder [SO much more efficient. And splatter resistant.]. And don't even get me started on the printable planner I made in Photoshop because I couldn't find a pre-made one I liked. I jokingly have the files saved as, "The Overplanner", because even I recognize how asinine it is to make such a highly detailed personal organizer because I am just that picky.

This old school embossing labeler is my new favorite

February is starting to look pretty busy already. We have several trips scheduled for just about every other weekend this month and possibly even well into March— North Carolina, then Tennessee, then back to Florida, and maybe back to North Carolina? February tends to be my least favorite month, and even though I don't like to "wish time away", I'm hoping all the travel will help it pass quickly.

I'm trying to be a little better at keeping up with things around here, and maybe one day these catch-up posts won't be quite so... involved. But, until pigs fly, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram where I'm a little more active in almost-real-time. Oh! And I finally joined ChapSnat! I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time and I'm possibly the most boring Whipper-Snapper alive, but hey, that's kind of a running theme in my world. You can find me on all three under username histeeeve. Enjoy the rest of your week!

xo, Steve