Friday Faves | 01

Hey, hey, Happy Fri-YAY! At this moment, we are headed out to Tennessee for a little winter weekend getaway with my husband's family... of course, I'm laughing at the word "little" there because nothing about my husband's family is LITTLE. I mean, when you have to rent out the local community center for Thanksgiving... 😳 But, that's a story for another day! So, right. We're heading through the mountains to the Volunteer State [I didn't realize that was TN's nickname until I Googled it just now... the Volunteer State? really?] for a fun weekend of snow tubing and snowboarding... Only, it's supposed to be 60° and raining the entire time we're there so that should be interesting! Anyways, I thought I'd pop in real quick with a little Friday Favorites post featuring some shtuff I've been enjoying this week. Enjoy! 

Itty Bitty Levi Kitty has been extra cuddly and Velcro-y and all up in my Cheetos-y lately... He's cute, so I don't mind too much ;) This picture has nothing to do with this post, but it's the only photo I've taken all week 😫 #toomuchtimeonSnapchat

  • Dustin & Genevieve's Circle of Life Parody (Virtual Life) Video. I didn't even make it through "...eating Ramen here in my pajamas" without cry-laughing. And if you haven't seen their "Hello" parody, yet... Oh my. Just... just go watch it. 
  • Back to the basic ol' coffee pot around these parts... We've had a Keurig the last few years, and while we've loved it, I picked up this little Cuisinart last weekend and it has been a nice change. Most exciting moment of my week right here, people ;) 
  • Farmview Market in Madison had their Grand Opening on Wednesday so my mom and I headed into town to check it out. It's a neat little specialty grocery store, butcher shop, and farm-to-table cafe with loads of local and Georgia sourced products. 
  • This Italian Sausage Stuffed Pepper soup is amazing. I swapped out the rice for pasta and used the fire-roasted tomatoes instead of plain ones and it has easily pushed its way to the top of our list of favorite recipes. I have a few other versions in mind that I'd like to try with this recipe [vegan, creamy, etc.], which is a big deal because I am not the type of person who gets real excited about food or cooking very often.
  • I made my first purchase from H&M Home a couple weeks ago, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the items I received. The quality of their clothes is kinda hit or miss with me, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am kind of obsessed with this pillow cover and these little glasses that I picked up for a whopping $20!
  • For Valentine's Day, we went and saw the most *romantic* movie of the century, Deadpool— so funny, but very graphic. But SO DAMN FUNNY.
  • LOVE this DIY bookshelf on ABM. I have no place for something like this right now, but I'm keeping the idea in my pocket for future reference. 
  • After reading Katie's post, I'm thinking about baking some cookies and opening up my own pet cafe... because, what else do you do when you have as many animals as we do?
  • And finally, some music for your weekend courtesy of Apple Music and Brie Larson, featuring Tame Impala, Jenny Lewis, Rihanna, and CHVRCHES [and more].

Any awesome shtuff out there that you've been loving lately? Enlighten me!!! 

Have a lovely weekend friends!!
xo, Steve