32 for Thirty Two

Oh man. Sooo, tomorrow is my birthday! I'm a huge fan of birthdays, mine especially. Sure, the excitement of getting older kinda stops after about 25 or so, BUT I choose to look at aging as an accomplishment and even more so, as a privilege. A privilege many people don't get. I survived another trip around the sun, why wouldn't anyone celebrate that?! I also love cake and presents, so there's that, too. 

Since today is my last day of thirty-two, I thought I'd take a look back and share a few moments and other favorite things from the last year or so. Thirty-two of them to be exact... assuming I can think of that many! In no particular order, of course, just however they come to mind. 

1. Celebrated my 32nd birthday! I wish I could remember how, but that's the fun part of being in your 30s— You can't remember how you celebrated your last birthday. If I had to guess, we probably went to my favorite Mexican restaurant.
2. We finally sold our house. Terrible experience, but it's over, yay!
3. Kept seven, yes SEVEN!!, plants alive. That's a new record.
4. Refrained from adopting any new animals. We had a few close calls, though. 
5. Kept this blog going! It's inconsistent and infrequent, but I'm still here!
6. Saved and saved and saved and finally purchased my new camera, which I am still loving.
7. Spent a glorious week at the beach, exploring the Florida panhandle with just my hubby.
8. Cut the cord (so to speak) with my hair dryer and flat iron and learned to live with and better manage my air-dryed and "unstyled" mess of hair on most days, something I've only dreamed of being able to do for my entire life.
9. Worked really hard at being more intentional with my photography and writing hobbies, and started to see a few little results of my efforts— more to come on this very sooooon.
10. Visited my BFF in NYC at Christmastime!
11. Read at least 32 books— not a ton, but more than I've read in probably the last 5 years combined. 
12. Celebrated 7 years of marriage with B, and 11 years together total.
13. Learned how to use Lightroom and finally got all my digital photos sorted through. You have no idea what a giant cluster that was, it seriously took me all year.
14. Truly fell in love with hiking and finally found something I really enjoy about Georgia.
15. Celebrated my dad's retirement!
16. And a month later— Celebrated my mom's retirement!
17. Successfully photographing fireworks for the first time.
18. Successfully photographing the Milky Way for the first time.
19. Cheered on my hubby as he hiked two sections of the Appalachian Trail. 
20. Overcame my fear of selfies, ha! I still don't love 'em, but I no longer hate 'em either ;)
21. Got up close and personal with some *udderly* adorable cows at a drive-thru pasture.
22. Explored lots of new-to-us local and nearby places.
23. Snapchat. Yes. I said it.
24. Helped surprise my grandfather with tickets to see his favorite college team play in the Tax Slayer Bowl for his 80th birthday. He. Was. SHOCKED.
25. Cheered on the Georgia Bulldogs at almost every home football game. Even that God-awful insult of an Alabama game... if you can even call it a GAME. (We still love you though, Georgia.)  
26. Sundates with B. 
27. Crab Cake Eggs Benedict. (Hilltop Grille in Athens and Marlow's Tavern in Duluth) 
28. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In 3D. In NYC. On opening night. 
29. Putting my fears aside and joining the amazing little community Kayley is creating with The Year of the Work.
30. Learning to be more acceptive and patient with where I am in life at any given time. It's a work in progress. 
31. Slow, quiet mornings with coffee and my snuggly furry monsters.
32. Lots of laughter. Mostly at my own expense. 

I really thought that list would be a lot harder than it turned out to be! Some things are super specific and concrete, some are less so, and some are just downright silly and trivial, but I'm kind of loving the mix. All in all, I have to say I feel like I've grown more this past year than I have in a long while. It definitely wasn't all roses 100% of the time, but after several years of feeling stuck and stagnant, I finally feel like things are moving in a forward motion again. And I don't think I could've asked for more from 32...

No pressure or anything, 33!!

xo, Steve